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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have compiled a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here or your question is not adequately answered, please send your question by mail to
We will respond to your e-mail within 24 hours (on working days).
What is the actual size of the guitar pick? (Custom Printed Picks Style 351 Standard) 30mm height x 26mm width
(Black & White Picks Style 351 Standard) 30mm height x 26mm width
(Pearlescent Picks Style 351 Standard) 30mm height x 26mm width
(Glow In The Dark Picks Style 351 Standard) 30mm height x 26mm width
(Heart Shaped Modified 351) 32mm height x 27mm width
(Large Rounded Triangle Style 346) 31mm height x 31mm width
(Over Sized Pick Style 351) 60mm height x 50mm width
What material are the custom picks? Celluloid: Historically this was the first plastic ever used to produce picks, and has a great sound, especially for guitarists aiming for vintage tone.
What styles of pick do you offer? Style refers to the shape of the guitar pick. A standard shaped pick is also known as a Style 351 pick our most common shape. We also offer some specialty shape picks like, heart shaped picks, large rounded triangle (bass) and over-sized picks (The Big Pick).
Is the price for one colour the same as full colour? Yes, the printing process is exactly the same.
What is the average time scale order-delivery? 5-7 days UK Custom Full Colour
14-21 days Europe, rest of world Custom Full Colour

Do you ship worldwide? Yes
What is the minimum amount of custom picks I can order? 10 picks is the minimum order.
What is the shipping charge for the UK? Free standard first class.

What is the shipping charge for any country outside the UK? 9.00 all non UK orders will be shipped with tracking information

Which data formats can be processed? Most but JPG (Jpg, jpeg) is the preferred format. Most digital cameras automatically take pictures in the JPG-format!
What is the best colour mode for printing? CMYK
What image resolution is required? The higher the resolution the better the picture on your printed guitar picks. 300 dpi minimum.
Can colour deviations occur when printing? Unfortunately, colour differences cannot be excluded due to the individual adjustment of monitors which can differ in brightness, resolution, contrast and colour or resulting from different graphic boards. Colour deviations between your monitor and the finished product are thus possible.
What method is used to print onto the guitar picks? Digital printing.
What is digital printing? Digital printing is the ideal printing technique for photos and colorful designs which have gradients.
Can I specify a PMS (Pantone Matching System) colour? Yes.  Colour communication is a very important part of the printing process.
How do I pay? Once your order has been placed you can either choose to pay with card visa debt/ or Paypal
You can also pay over the phone.
What size and material are the drum sticks? 5A Maple. A light, fast-playing stick with great flex and rebound.Features a rounded oval style tip for full tones and fast attack from around the drumkit.
Can i have more than one image per order?Yes, please submit your order then email us the additional details with the images attached we will confirm if possible.
Does double sided print mean I have to have the same picture/text both sides?No you can have whatever you want.
I have chosen the signed for delivery option does this mean my order will arrive more quickly? No by adding this option you will receive tracking information, and the order must be signed for on delivery.
What is the most important advice when uploading image or text? Keep important information away from edges for the best possible results.

I want to re-order same picks as last time do i have to upload image again? No simply tick the box i will email my image after the order and add in the additional information box "please use the same image as last time".

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